Biological Control of Bluestain - Log Field Trials in Canada

IRG/WP 02-10423

A Uzunovic, D Minchin, A Byrne

In the summer of 2000 we ran two field experiments (in Alberta and British Columbia) to test the feasibility of using an albino bluestain isolate (Cartapip97TM) to protect lodgepole pine logs from being stained by wild-type bluestain fungi. Results showed that Cartapip applied at the recommended concentration significantly reduced the amount of stain found in the Alberta trials. Cartapip applied at one-third of the recommended concentration resulted in stain that was not significantly different from that in the control logs. Tim-bor, used as a reference chemical, also significantly reduced stain but less effectively than Cartapip. In the BC trials the stain prevention effect of Cartapip appeared to be stronger in discs that had large sapwood areas. Our conclusion was that Cartapip showed promise in controlling stain in freshly felled pine logs during the first 12 weeks of storage.

Keywords: bluestain, logs, lodgepole pine, biological control, albino isolate, Cartapip

Conference: 02-05-12/17 Cardiff, Wales, UK

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