Monitoring of the building made of CLT in Ljubljana

IRG/WP 19-40860

M Humar, D Krzisnik, B Lesar, N Thaler, B Dujic

Wood is one of the most important construction materials and its use in building applications has further expanded in recent decades, predominately due to development of the modern composites, like cross-laminated timber. In order to enable even more extensive and reliable use of wood in outdoor applications, factors affecting wood’s service life need to be understood. It is well known that fungal degradation of wood is predominantly affected by temperature and moisture content. In order to elucidate the influence of these two factors, long term monitoring of temperature , relative humidity and moisture content at the newly build Annex of the Departement of Wood Science and Technology was carried out. An annex is designed of cross-laminated timber and was built in 2015. The results clearly showed that micro-climatic conditions in the monitored building are far below the limit suitable for fungal decay or mould growth.

Keywords: wood, monitoring, wood moisture content, relative humidity, temperature

Conference: 19-05-12/16 Quebec City, Canada

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