Amine Oxides for Use in Wood Protection: II: Water Repellent Agents for Wood

IRG/WP 07-30426

Xiao Jiang, L Walker

Wood treated with cetyl and stearyl amine oxides was evaluated to determine its long term water repellency. Comparative water uptake data, generated during two years of outdoor exposure, illustrated that Lonza’s products, Barlox® 18S (N-octadecyl-N, N-dimethylamine oxide) and Barlox® 16S (N-hexadecyl-N, N-dimethylamine oxide), were effective water repellent agents, imparting lasting water resistance in treated wood. A conventional wax based water repellent system showed superior initial results for water resistance; however, the water repellent ability of the wax based system started to degrade after four months of weathering and was significantly deteriorated after two years of outside exposure.

Keywords: longer chain amine oxides, Barlox® 18S, Barlox® 16S, wax based, long term, water repellent

Conference: 07-05-20/24 Jackson, USA

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