The potential of propolis and other naturally occurring products for preventing biological decay

IRG/WP 11-30575

D Jones, N Howard, E Suttie

The potential of using a range of naturally occurring plant extracts and propolis from bee hives for enhancing the durability of timber in service as well as helping with the conservation of archaeological timbers is considered in this paper. Results reported demonstrate that there is some degree of protective effect noted, suggesting a viable treatment option might be developed based on a deeper understanding of some of the actives and their suitability for use. The challenges faced in developing a product specifically for wood protection are significant and may be too costly for the returns. To achieve commercial reality would be more likely if the active ingredient could find a role in agriculture e.g. fruit protection, crop protection and other larger scale markets.

Keywords: wood treatment, naturally derived products, decay prevention, propolis, thyme oil, conservation

Conference: 11-05-08/12 Queenstown, New Zealand

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