Effects of acetic acid and nitric acid pre-treatment on copper content of spruce wood treated with CBA-A and CCA

IRG/WP 08-40406

S Yildiz, E Dizman, Ü C Yildiz

This work investigates the effects of nitric acid and acetic acid on compression strength values and copper retention contents of refractory spruce wood (Picea oriental L.) treated with the waterborne preservative Copper azole, (CBA-A, Tanalith-E 3492) and copper / chrom / arsenic (CCA). Before the CBA-A and CCA treatment, the samples were immersed in 500 ml of nitric and acetic acid solutions for two different durations (3 and 6 hours). A 2 % active ingredient solutions of CBA-A and CCA were applied for use in vacuum treatment of the sapwood samples. According to the results, average copper contents of the specimens were higher than that of the control groups except of the 3-hours nitric acid treatment in CCA and CBA-A impregnation. Acetic acid exhibited better performance than nitric acid although it was used at lower concentration. The highest copper content values were obtained in the variations of the 6-hours acetic acid pre-treatments for both CCA and CBA-A impregnations. Compression strength values generally slightly increased compared to the control groups.

Keywords: CBA-A, CCA, refractory, spruce, retention

Conference: 08-05-25/29, Istanbul, Turkey

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