Accelerating effects of the field biological attacks in a weather controled soil bed room

IRG/WP 97-20118

K Suzuki, I Momohara, T Nishimura

For the purpose of the accelerating the field evaluation of the material service life, a weather controlled soil bed room were designed. The room was controlled 30°C, 75%R.H. In this room, water was sprayed 15 minutes a day. The workers and soldiers of termite, Reticulitermes speratus, can be penetrated. The comparison results of preservative brushing coated treated stakes between field ones and ones in this room were reported. The results obtained were shown in Table 3. This room can be accelerated about two times than the field test site at Tsukuba in Japan.


Conference: 97-05-25/30 Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

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