Depictions on Wood: Acceptation and Internalization of Wood, which is an intercultural interaction tool, as “A Valuable Object” (WoodLover Approach)

IRG/WP 16-40720

I Usta

The charm, beauty, aesthetic value, easily processable structure of wood, which is a natural and organic material obtained from trees, possibility to be designed and constructed in desired form and style make it a material widely used for many purposes in our daily life as an indispensable part of our lives from past to present and make it a valuable object as it is an intercultural interaction tool between past and future. Through the human history, people in every culture ever have always considered the wood, which takes an important place in human life in the context of meeting most of needs in daily life, as an important material for themselves. Being a valuable asset from time immemorial to posteternity time in human life, wood is an exclusive material derived from trees by the grace of God and as an important means of cultural interaction, it became the companion and only friend of humanity during development of civilization by the realization of interaction following the commencement of communication between people. Being a reflection of nature, the wood, which is a derivative of tree, has specific characteristics thanks to its anatomical structure and chemical composition as well as physical properties and mechanical properties that make it a preferable and used valuable material and gives meaning to our lives. Thus, wood has been a passion for many people. This article aims to present the woodlover approach, which is not discussed in detail so far, a subjective matter almost never voiced and wood love phenomenon of which most of us are not even aware. The main focus of this article is the theme of “I am very proud of being a woodlover”.

Keywords: wood, depictions, intercultural interaction, woodlover approach, humanity and nature

Conference: 16-05-15/19 Lisbon, Portugal

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