Update on lab and field test results for polymeric alkylphenol polysulfide treated wood

IRG/WP 02-40240

J Goswami, A Abramson, R Buff, D D Nicholas, T Schultz

The possibility of using Polymeric Alkylphenol Polysulfide (PXTS) as a wood preservative has been undergoing evaluation in our laboratories for the past four years. Various formulations prepared from this compound have been tested and found to be effective against wood decay fungi and insects in field stakes after 42 months exposure. In accelerated soil bed tests, PXTS has been shown to be considerably more effective than creosote against both soft-rot and basidiomycete decay fungi. PXTS has also been shown to be effective against marine organisms and after 18 months exposure appears to have about the same efficacy as creosote. Preliminary treatment trials indicate that southern pine can be readily treated by the empty cell process

Keywords: Alkylphenol polysulfide, PXTS, basidiomycete test, field test

Conference: 02-05-12/17 Cardiff, Wales, UK

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