Depictions on Wood: Acceptation and Internalization of Wood, which is an intercultural interaction tool, as “A Valuable Object” (Wood is a Symbol of Civilization)

IRG/WP 17-40776

I Usta

Wood is one of the most important tools and materials which is particularly used and preferred for the applications in the integration process which causes the communicating people act or behave similar by affecting each other. Such as, wood; is an important tool for supporting the development and proliferation of the civilization in the context of science and technology, education and culture and art and literature. Therefore it is one of the symbols of the civilization. Throughout the history of mankind, every civilization in the world has used wood to produce goods and services to have a more comfortable life. The usage of other technological materials, which occurred depending on the developing technology, instead of wood and being lost from view because of the fallacious constructional applications, grieves and disturbs wood lovers who keep and protect it with an essential passion for its natural properties and contributions for the development of civilization. In this concept, informing and publicity activities for increasing the awareness of the public and increasing the daily usage of wood must be done properly and effectively. According to this, in this article which is prepared with the purpose of expressing the reality of being a very important material in “Wood is a Symbol of Civilization” ground, there have been several descriptions with many different original compositions about wood which is accepted as a “Valuable Object” which provides the intercultural interaction, and has an important role in developing the civilization.

Keywords: wood, depictions, intercultural interaction, humanity, civilization

Conference: 17-06-04/08 Ghent, Belgium

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