Development of preservative treatment method using sub and super critical carbon dioxide

IRG/WP 07-40385

Myeung-Won Cho, Sung-Mo Kang, Gyu-Hyeok Kim

Significant efforts have been devoted for developing biocide impregnation method into wood materials using supercritical fluid. Developing better understandings of fluid phase and its effect on treatment results would facilitate a more rational development of supercritical fluid (SCF) impregnation. In this project, the preservative treatabilities under super- and sub-critical fluid conditions were evaluated using Pinus Radiata sapwood. Treating characteristics are discussed in relation to different fluid phases and treatabilities (biocide penetration, distribution, and retention).

Keywords: supercritical, sub-critical, fluid phase, treatabilities

Conference: 07-10-29/11-02 Taipei, Taiwan

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