A mini review on climate change impact on bio-ecology of subterranean termites

IRG/WP 23-50375

P Dhang

Climate change is creating possibilities of changes in the bio-ecology of termites across the globe. This change will be felt differently in different regions. While changes in swarming times will be common in the Northern hemisphere, the tropic will encounter more life-history related changes. But termites posing newer threats induced by climate change will be mostly dependent on human activities. Continuing to transport infested wood, faulty construction, using untreated wood, using chemical barriers as protection will be the reasons for new infestation to surface. Protecting service wood, enforcing sanitary requirements, policing imports, and eliminating colony by baits will be necessary to keep future check in place.

Keywords: climate change, termite

Conference: 23-05-28/06-01 Cairns, Australia

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