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Minutes of the WG II meetings 1974
1974 - IRG/WP 241
IRG Secretariat

Agenda WG II
1974 - IRG/WP 237
IRG Secretariat

Results of stake tests on wood preservatives (Progress report to 1974)
1975 - IRG/WP 361
A number of field stake trials on preservative-treated wood have been carried out at Princes Risborough Laboratory from 1928 to the present day, and many of the tests still continue. This paper presents in detail the results obtained to date, covering about 15 000 individual test stakes exposed over the period....
D F Purslow

Agenda WG I
1974 - IRG/WP 123
IRG Secretariat

Minutes of the Plenary Meeting 1974
1974 - IRG/WP 58
IRG Secretariat

Minutes of the WG I meetings 1974
1974 - IRG/WP 129
IRG Secretariat

The Sixth Annual Report of the International Research Group on Wood Preservation 1974-1975
1975 - IRG/WP 541
IRG Secretariat

List of Members 1 November 1974
1974 - IRG/WP 533
IRG Secretariat

Minutes of the meeting of WG IV 1974
1974 - IRG/WP 407
IRG Secretariat

Agenda WG III
1974 - IRG/WP 327
IRG Secretariat

IRG 6 invitation
1974 -
IRG Secretariat

Minutes of the WG III meetings 1974
1974 - IRG/WP 334
IRG Secretariat

The Fifth Annual Report of the International Research Group on Wood Preservation 1973-1974
1974 - IRG/WP 531
IRG Secretariat

Agenda Plenary 1974
1974 - IRG/WP 51
IRG Secretariat

List of Members 1 January 1974
1974 - IRG/WP 524
IRG Secretariat

Agenda WG IV
1974 - IRG/WP 404
IRG Secretariat

Collaborative soft rot experiments 1974. Preliminary analysis of results
1975 - IRG/WP 251
J K Carey, J G Savory

A technical note on the limitations of atomic absorption spectrophotometric analysis of copper/chrome/arsenic solutions according to BS 4072 (1974) and BS 5666: Part 3 (1979)
1988 - IRG/WP 2320
British Standards BS 4072 (1974) and BS 5666: Part 3 (1979) detail an atomic absorption spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of copper, chrome and arsenic in both preservative solutions and treated timber. Use of this technique during a research programme at Aberdeen has highlighted some potential inaccuracies with this method if these standard specifications are adhered to...
A J Pendlebury, J A Petty

A novel method for evaluating the performance of water repellents
1987 - IRG/WP 2279
Application of water repellent formulations to timber surfaces offers protection from the weather, reducing degrade and movement. A novel test method has been developed to evaluate the comparative efficacy of such formulations when samples are exposed to weather. The method uses sapstain free sapwood of defect free, untreated, seasoned Radiata pine, (Pinus radiata D. Don.) Water Repellency was det...
A R Moffat