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The Seventeenth Report of The International Research Group on Wood Preservation 1987-1988
1988 - IRG/WP 5322
R Cockcroft

1988 Official Photo
1988 -
IRG Secretariat

Agenda Plenary 1988
1988 - IRG/WP 5326
IRG Secretariat

Radical changes in the requirements for more safe pressure impregnation in the Nordic countries in 1988
1990 - IRG/WP 3581
After introduction of quality control schemes and standards in the Nordic countries during the seventies, the first radical change of the standards and practice of work took place after pressure from the labor unions and authorities in 1988 and 1989 in Denmark and in Sweden. A new class of preservation with less retention for out of ground contact use was introduced, fixation times were prolonged ...
B Moldrup

Decay fungi in Finnish houses on the basis of inspection samples from 1978 to 1988
1989 - IRG/WP 1401
A summary of the causes and sources of fungal damages was made on the basis of decay samples and sample information sent to the Forest Products Laboratory of the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) between 1978 and 1988. About 50-130 decay cases in wood structures were studied annually. In almost 50% of all fungusdamage cases the cause was Serpula lacrymans. The proportion of Coniophora put...
L Paajanen, H Viitanen

Agenda WG III
1988 - IRG/WP 3491
IRG Secretariat

Co-operative research project on L-joint testing. Progress report to March 1988
1988 - IRG/WP 2315
Further sets of data received from CTFT (France), BAM (Germany) and PRL (UK) after 46-48 months exposure and STU (Sweden) after 22 months exposure are presented and discussed in conjunction with data reported previously. Colonisation and attack of the L-joints has progressed with increasing exposure period. The new data are generally in agreement with those presented previously and the major diffe...
J K Carey, A F Bravery

Agenda WG Ia
1988 - IRG/WP 1371
IRG Secretariat

Agenda WG II
1988 - IRG/WP 2313
IRG Secretariat

Minutes of the meetings of WG II
1988 - IRG/WP 2323
IRG Secretariat

IRG Statutes, Members and Sponsors 1988
1988 - IRG/WP 5337
IRG Secretariat

Report of meetings of remedial treatments Sub-group held in Madrid, Spain during 27-28 April 1988
1988 - IRG/WP 3502
J N R Ruddick

IRG Foundation Fund Report for the period 1 January to 31 December 1988
1989 - IRG/WP 5344
B Henningsson, H Friis-Hansen

IRG Secretariat Financial Statement for the year ending 31 December 1987
1988 - IRG/WP 5323
H Friis-Hansen

Minutes of the Plenary Meetings in 1988
1988 - IRG/WP 5338
IRG Secretariat

Agenda WG Ib
1988 - IRG/WP 1372
IRG Secretariat

Minutes of the meeting of WG IV
1988 - IRG/WP 4148
IRG Secretariat

IRG 19 invitation
1988 -
IRG Secretariat

Abstracts of some papers promised for IRG 19
1988 - IRG/WP 5310
IRG Secretariat

Minutes of the meetings of WG Ia
1988 - IRG/WP 1378
IRG Secretariat

IRG Secretariat Report
1989 - IRG/WP 5345
G Ozanne

Minutes of the meetings of WG III
1988 - IRG/WP 3501
IRG Secretariat

Agenda WG IV
1988 - IRG/WP 4147
IRG Secretariat

Abstracts received for poster sessions at IRG 19 meeting
1988 - IRG/WP 5320
IRG Secretariat

Minutes of the meeting f WG Ib
1988 - IRG/WP 1379
IRG Secretariat

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