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IRG Documents 2004
2004 - IRG/WP 04-60199
IRG Secretariat

Budget for 2004
2003 - IRG/WP 03-60173
IRG Secretariat

Reporting minutes of the Plenary Meeting 2004
2004 - IRG/WP 04-60197
IRG Secretariat

Agenda Plenary Meeting 2004
2004 - IRG/WP 04-60189
IRG Secretariat

Budget for 2004 (forecast June 2004)
2004 - IRG/WP 04-60187
IRG Secretariat

2004 - IRG/WP 04-60198
IRG Secretariat

The 35th Annual Meeting of IRG. Technical Programme and Abstracts of Papers
2004 - IRG/WP 04-60190
IRG Secretariat

International Directory of Members and Sponsors 2003-2004
2003 - IRG/WP 03-60182
IRG Secretariat

IRG 35 Invitation
2004 -
IRG Secretariat

Annual Report 2004
2005 - IRG/WP 05-60201
IRG Secretariat

Future Directions Regarding Research on the Environmental Impacts of Preservative-Treated Wood: Environmental Impacts of Preservative-Treated Wood. February 8-11, 2004, FL, USA Workshop – Research Needs
2004 - IRG/WP 04-50222
This paper presents a series of documents that focus on research needs for potential future work focusing on the environmental impacts of preservative-treated wood. These documents were developed through a conference sponsored by the Florida Center for Environmental Solutions (FCES), located in Gainesville, Florida. The conference was held in Orlando, Florida, February 8 – 11, 2004 and the title of the conference was, “Environmental Impacts of Preservative-Treated Wood.” Approximately 150 people from 15 countries attended the conference. The “research needs” documents developed to date were summarized from: 1) feedback received from conference participants prior to the conference and 2) a two hour workshop held at the conclusion of the conference. A draft voting ballot has been prepared from these documents. This ballot is currently being reviewed by the FCES conference Technical Advisory Committee and a final ballot will be released in mid-April for a vote among the conference participants. A copy of the draft voting ballot is included at the end of this document. Results of the vote will be released at the 35th Annual IRG Meeting in Slovenia.
H M Solo-Gabriele, J D Schert, T G Townsend