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Budget for 2014
2013 - IRG/WP 13-60346
IRG Secretariat

Reporting minutes of the Plenary Meeting 2014
2014 - IRG/WP 14-60372
IRG Secretariat

Budget for 2014 (forecast May 2014)
2014 - IRG/WP 14-60362
IRG Secretariat

Agenda 2014 Plenary meeting
2014 - IRG/WP 14-60359
IRG Secretariat

Programme. The 45th Annual Meeting of The International Research Group in Wood Protection
2014 - IRG/WP 14-60361
IRG Secretariat

IRG Documents 2014
2014 - IRG/WP 14-60373
IRG Secretariat

Reporting from SPC and Working Party sessions at IRG 45
2015 - IRG/WP 14-60375
J Van Acker

Annual Report 2014
2015 - IRG 15-60376
IRG Secretariat

Some comments on durability testing of WPC according to EN 15534-1
2015 - IRG/WP 15-40695
The standard EN 15534-1 (2014) gives advice for broad characterization of WPC materials and products. It contains instructions for test procedures concerning different properties e.g. mechanical properties, thermal properties, as well as durability. In this paper some WPC materials from the market were tested for their resistance against brown rot. Furthermore, the water uptake and bending prope...
S Bollmus, A Gellerich, H Militz