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The natural durability of five Indonesian timber species against marine borers - A field test in Indonesia
1981 - IRG/WP 474
This paper presents results of a natural durability field test using five species of Indonesian timbers against marine borers. An attempt is also made to assess any difference in durability between the lower and upper part of the trunks. Results of marine fungal identification, soft-rot assessment, and marine-borer assessment of CCA-treated test blocks will be reported in separate papers
Suhirman, R A Eaton

The present status of wooden catamarans of the Indian Coast
1997 - IRG/WP 97-10231
Catamarans (a.k.a. kattumarams) are the most widely used fishing craft in India, and hundreds of thousands of poor, traditional fishermen depend on these vessels for their livelihood that are almost made entirely of wood. In recent years, acute shortages and phenomenal increases in prices of timber species used in catamaran fabrication have been reported, causing great hardship to the user community. Further, the patterns of usage are based on age-old practices and not on scientific lines, resulting in significant waste of timber during fabrication and use. This paper, while highlighting the importance and benefit of usage of catamarans in the Indian context, stresses the need for introduction of steps to ameliorate the current losses, and outlines the various research and development efforts undertaken in this direction. Of special importance in this context is the on-going World Bank-aided program on catamarans, being handled at the Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore.
K S Rao