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Depletion of preservatives from treated wood: Results from laboratory, fungus cellar and field test
1993 - IRG/WP 93-50001-07
This paper compares results of preservative component losses using a range of test procedures with several different water-borne preservatives. The data shows that laboratory leaching tests are in some cases comparable to, but in other cases significantly underestimate preservative component losses when compared with field or fungus cellar depletion tests. The results also suggest that preservative component losses are treatment retention and formulation dependent. It is apparent that the changing nature of wood preservative formulations, coupled with the different types of treated commodities and applications now being used, mandates the use of a wider range of test methods with multiple retentions to comprehensively assess likely loss of wood preservative components in service. The paper addresses a number of these issues and also presents test methods which may be suitable for further development in the area of preservative depletion.
L Jin, A F Preston