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Appendage-mediated attachment in spores of lignicolous marine fungi
1982 - IRG/WP 487
The role of appendages in aiding attachment and entrapment of marine fungal spores to wood substrata is described in this paper. Scanning electron microscope (S.E.M.) observations indicated five different classes of attachment or entrapment response in the sixteen species examined. These responses varied -hith the degree to which appendages attached or entrapped spores to wood surfaces. In addition, four time dependent stages affecting the appendage mediated attachment response were recognised. The resistance of spores to removal by mechanical processes was determined by means of a controlled constant pressure water jet. Three types of response were observed, ranging from no response through to a progressive increase in the number of spores remaining after hosing as settlement time progresses. The observations indicate that appendages aid in entrapmert and/or attachment of marine fungal spores. The extent, nature and duration of this attachment response is dependent on a number of factors, including settlement time, spore morphology and the type and extent of appendages.
G Rees