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Interim report on world survey of sap displacement impregnation of timber
1974 - IRG/WP 329
At the 4th Annual Meeting of the IRG held in West Berlin in October 1972 it was suggested that a survey of sap displacement impregnation of timber would be of interest. Accordingly through the courtesy and co-operation of the New Zealand Department of Trade and Industry a questionnaire was circulated to the Trade Commissioners for transmission to the relevant organisations in various parts of the world. Despite the fact that the questionnaire was prepared in January this year, the Trade Commissioners have been able already to return to the Department of Trade and Industries a surprising number of replies which have included in some instances relevant papers, bulletins, references and valuable comments. It is expected that substantial contributions are yet to come from other countries such as France, Germany, Japan, Russia and Sweden. Nevertheless it is considered that the evaluation of the material already to hand justifies the presentation of an interim report.
F B Shorland, C G W Mason