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An aquaria test of the natural resistance against marine borers of some commercial timbers available in Australia
1996 - IRG/WP 96-10145
The natural resistance of the heartwood of 22 different timbers grown or commercially available in Australia was examined. Radiata pine sapwood both untreated, and treated with 5.4 kg/m³ CCA salt, was included for comparison. Small timber blocks were exposed for one year in tanks containing either Limnoria tripunctata or Lyrodus pedicellatus. Four softwood species tested were heavily attacked and non resistant: radiata pine sapwood, Douglas fir, Huon pine and King William Pine. The latter two species are moderately durable in ground contact. Both white and black cypress pine were lightly attacked. Most hardwoods examined that are durable on land, also performed well in the aquaria, although none were immune from marine borer attack. Blocks in aquaria with Lyrodus pedicellatus were generally more decayed by marine microorganisms than blocks placed with Limnoria tripunctata. Limnoria is able to leave its burrow, and probably grazes on surface mycelia.
L J Cookson