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Chapter 2 - Introduction to world bamboo
2007 - IRG 07-10635-02
In this chapter the bamboo species of the whole world along with local name, bamboo type, flowering type, locality and uses have been presented in 20 different Tables....
A K Lahiry

IRG/COIPM INTERNATIONAL MARINE TEST - to determine the effect of timber substrate on the effectiveness of water-borne salt preservatives in sea-water. Progress Report 10 from Naos Island, Panama
1980 - IRG/WP 462
Blocks of 3 wood species, Beech (Fagus sylvatica), Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) and Alstonia (Alstonia scholaris) were exposed at site number 12 at Naos Island, Panama on March 8, 1978 by John R. DePalma. The arrangement of the panels in the exposure site is as shown in Figure 1....
D W French

The geographical distribution of the house longhorn beetle Hylotrupes bajulus (L) Serville (Col., Cerambycidae). An attempt at a cartographical compilation of existing data
1978 - IRG/WP 176
The larvae of the house longhorn beetle belong to the most economically important pests of softwood in service in most European countries and also in some areas overseas. I have reported earlier regarding the history, the question of where the pest originally came from, and concerning attacks in earlier and recent times (1968, 1970, 1974, 1976). In this report an attempt has been made to compile c...
H Becker

Introduction to keynote: Perspective in urban termite biology and management in Southeast Asia
2012 - IRG/WP 12-10786
This keynote lecture will provide a perspective on the pest status of termites in Southeast Asia, the damages they cause to the urban structures, important biological and behavioural characteristics, detection methods and the various management strategies available....
Chow-Yang Lee

IRG/COIPM INTERNATIONAL MARINE TEST - to determine the effect of timber substrate on the effectiveness of water-borne salt preservatives in sea-water. Progress Report 21: Report of eighth inspection (7 years) in Australia
1985 - IRG/WP 4119
This report tabulates the seven year (86 month) inspection results, obtained on 28 Fabruary l985, of the IRG/COIPM International Marine Test at Goat Island, Australia. This test was installed in December 1977. The results are given in Tables 1-6. Table 7 lists the number of marine borers identified from blocks (2 cm and 6 cm long respectively) cut from the ends of specimens removed at the previous...
L J Cookson, J E Barnacle

Effect of kerfing on performance of Douglas-fir utility poles in the Pacific Northwest
1990 - IRG/WP 3604
Preservative treatment produces an external layer of protection in Douglas-fir poles, but the development of deep checks as the wood dries after treatment can permit entry by fungi and insects. A variety of remedial treatments can arrest this decay; however, it is far more efficient to prevent checking. Kerfing represents one potential method for limiting the development of deep checks. In previou...
J J Morrell

Conservation and preservation of bamboo
2007 - IRG/WP 07-10635
The Science and Technology related to bamboo and bamboo preservation is a very captious subject involves most of the Sciences, Engineering and Technology and Environmental Sciences. Recently the environmental studies related to arsenic have been considered very essential for the people of South Asia, especially for the people of Bangladesh and West Bengal of India because of recent arsenic calamit...
A K Lahiry

The Effectiveness of Machined Profiles at Reducing the Checking of Wooden Decking
2011 - IRG/WP 11-40541
This study tests the hypothesis that ‘the ability of surface profiling to reduce checking of deck boards exposed to weathering will vary with wood species and profile type’. Southern pine (Pinus sp.) and Pacific silver fir (Abies amabilis) deck boards were machined to produce three different types of surface profiles: flat (control), ribbed (V-shaped grooves), and rippled (U-shaped grooves). B...
P Evans, I Cullis, P Morris

Laboratory evaluation of the natural durability and treatability of Cryptomeria japonica grown in La Reunion Island
2012 - IRG/WP 12-10772
The Japanese cedar Cryptomeria japonica is the main resource for timber construction in La Reunion Island, an overseas territory belonging to France. The natural durability of C. japonica originating from East-Asia has been considered so far as quite poor and the European standard EN 350-2 classifies this species ‘not durable’ with regard to its resistance to termites, xylophageous beetles and...
M Kutnik, J Vuillemin, I Paulmier, I Le Bayon, S Legay, E Raphalen, M Jequel, N Farnier, T Glandut

Efficacy performance of Pea Extract as bait toxicant for termite control in Reunion Island
2024 - IRG/WP 24-11050
This study was carried out to determine the toxicity of Pisum sativum L., extract (Pea Extract) for the subterranean termite, Coptotermes gestroi (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae). Yellow field peas (Pisum sativum L.) are particularly rich in protein. A solid-liquid hydroalcoholic extraction process was employed on the dried form of pea seeds to obtain one particular peptide PA1b (Pea Albumin 1, subunit...
J Vuillemin, D Messaoudi, A Robert, P da Silva