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Eco-tax - A new threat for wood preservation? The Belgian experience
1993 - IRG/WP 93-50001-32
At the end of January 1993, a bill was put for Belgian Parliament related to the introduction called "Eco-taxes" on a series of products, such as packaging for drinks (especially on PVC-bottles), non-returnable articles (shavers, small cameras), batteries, pesticides for non-agricultural use and paper....
G Van Steertegem, F De Jaeger

Wood Preservation in Belgium
1981 - IRG/WP 3170
The report reviews wood preservation activities in Belgium and notes the number of authorized treatment depots has doubled during the past five years. It lists the timbers that are allowed to be used for joinery and constructional building purposes and the preservatives and treatments with which these timbers may be protected. In Belgium not only have the wood preservative product and its treatmen...
M Stevens, R Cockcroft