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Performance based specification of wood – Introducing project CLICKdesign
2019 - IRG/WP 19-20661
This paper introduces the new ForestValue research project CLICKdesign – delivering fingertip knowledge to enable service life performance specification of wood. This European consortium is working on the primary innovation to move from the complex, fragmented and general to the easy-to-use, consolidated and specific by provision of an accessible digital tool for specifiers. Competing materials tackle this and provide designers and architects with software. The specification of performance of wood products is highly complex and fraught with uncertainty, inconsistency and requires use of multiple platforms for data, experience, standards and national recommendations. CLICKdesign will provide a tool that has embedded within it the decades of excellent research, the complexity of the standards specification systems and the variation of approach due to tradition, materials and culture across Europe and beyond. A simple tool for non-expert public users will be available as well as a tool accessible to professional users that will be refined with industry to ensure relevancy and accelerate uptake and use. The project runs for 3 years from the 1 March 2019 and looks forward to contributing to the IRG debate now and in future.
E Suttie, C Brischke, E Frühwald Hansson, S Fortino, J Sandak, M Kutnik, G Alfredsen, C Lucas, R Stirling