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Role of wood preservation in bioconservation and protection of environment
1997 - IRG/WP 97-50082
In order to meet a revolutionary task of bioconservation and protection of environment through preservation of less important and nondurable timbers from tropical zones, 170 timber species from Bangladesh were screened. Air-dried (12% MC) 170 different species of timbers, full cell pressure impregnated with 5% CCB solution revealed satisfactory treatability of all timbers for long-term indoor uses. Out of 170 species, 17 (10%) were fruit trees, 5 (2.94%) were medicinal plants and 2 (1.18%) were endangered species, was earmarked as restricted use but rest 146 (85.88%) species were freely usable. Researches included 8 (4.70%) extremely strong (ES), 99 (58.24%) very strong (VS), 45 (26.47%) strong (S) and 18 (10.59%) weak (W) timber species all of which are considered to be useful if properly preservative treated and designed for different purposes based on their strength groups.
A K Lahiry