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Biosorption of metals for wood waste effluent clean up
1997 - IRG/WP 97-50090
The common filamentous fungi can sorb metal ions from aqueous solutions. The biosorption of metal ions like copper Cu2+, chromium Cr6+ and arsenic As5+ by dead fungal mycelia was investigated. Two industrial fermentation byproducts are tested: Mucor miehei and Aspergillus oryzae. The adsorption of metal ions depends on parameters such as chemical treatment of fungi before biosorption (acid or basic treatment), pH, adsorption time, metal ions and biomass concentrations. 88% of Cu2+ is recovered in one hour by Aspergillus oryzae and Mucor miehei (untreated and basic biomass). Cr6+ is adsorbed in 24 hours by these untreated biomass with a yield comprising between 40% and 65%. Similar results are observed for As5+ adsorption with Mucor miehei in regulated pH conditions. The most efficient systems Aspergillus oryzae (basic treatment) and Mucor miehei (untreated) were investigated in adsorption experiments on CCA-preservative solution (3% m/m). The adsorption yields for copper and chromium are respectively 90% and 80% in 24 hours. Removal of metals from CCA wastewater could be realized by these developped systems on site instead of conventional expensive processes.
S Legay, G Labat