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Resistance of six timber species, treated with CCA and CCB, against marine borer attack in Goa waters (India)
1991 - IRG/WP 4166
Panels of Lagerstroemia speciosa, Toona ciliata, Olea dioica, Pinus insignis, Acrocarpus fraxinifolius and Borassus flabellifer, pressure-treated with a 6.6% solution of Copper-Chrome-Arsenic (CCA) and 6% solution of Copper-Chrome-Boric (CCB), were exposed along with untreated controls, in triplicate, in Goa waters to, assess their resistance to damage by marine borers. The control panels were all...
L N Santhakumaran, R V Krishnan

Assessment of the durability of a lesser known species (Borassus aethiopum Mart.) against termite and fungi from different ecozones in Nigeria
2018 - IRG/WP 18-10924
Scarcity of choice timber species in Nigeria necessitates research into alternative species. Efficient utilisation of alternative species such as Borassus aethiopum requires adequate understanding of their wood properties and within tree variations. However, information on potential of B. aethiopum as alternative to choice timber has not been adequately documented especially in the area of durabil...
O O Yekin, A R Ojo