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Soft rot in CCA-treated utility poles in Sweden
1989 - IRG/WP 1398
Soft rot investigations of CCA-treated utility poles (Pinus sylvestris L.) have been conducted throughout large parts of Sweden during 1974-1985. The investigation included 179 utility poles of the State Power Board which had been used for 10-18 years in the different administrative regions from northern to southern Sweden. In addition, 193 telephone poles from the Östersund area and 218 from the...
H Friis-Hansen, H Lundström

Arbeitsverfahren zum Herstellen und mikroskopischen Auswerten von Dünnschnitten aus Holz-Bohrkernen. [Working method for producing and evaluating microscopically thin cuts of bore samples]
1980 - IRG/WP 2133
Bore samples are important specimens; e.g. they are in use to investigate poles in service. On the basis of known methods of microtomy a technique is described which permits the production of longitudinal cuts from bore samples. For this purpose, the bore sample is glued onto a mounting; the surface of cut is coated with a polystyrene solution. The cut thus consolidated can be stained, drained, an...
S Cymorek

Studies and experiences of occurrence and development of soft rot in salt-treated poles of pine (Pinus sylvestris) installed in Swedish transmission lines in the years 1940-1945
1977 - IRG/WP 277
The present work describes the result of microscopic examinations of some 2,000 borings extracted from 20 to 23-year-old salt-treated poles (Scots pine) from the southern and central parts of Sweden. The purpose was to map out the occurrence of soft rot in Sweden and its influence on the mechanical strength of the poles as well as to contribute to the development of new and more satisfactory metho...
H Friis-Hansen