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On the effectiveness of fumigants against wood-destroying insects and fungi in wooden cultural property
1993 - IRG/WP 93-10030
Based on a survey of the history of the use of fumigants the actual agents are mentioned in relation to their biogenic effect on wood-destroying insects and fungi as well as their corrosive behavior on cultural property. Furthermore the conditions for the use of reactive fumigants in buildings are discussed. Trials to control wood-destroying insects and fungi by nitrogen and bromomethane are the main aspect. The extermination of larvae of wood-infesting insects depends on the time of diffusion of nitrogen through wood. The mycelium of the tested Basidiomycetes is eradicated by a dose of 25 mg/l bromomethane, but the dose for the tested Ascomycetes has to be more than 50 mg/l bromomethane.
W Unger, A Unger