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Wood Preservation in the United Kingdom
1979 - IRG/WP 385
This is only the first of several reports in English currently being prepared about wood preservation in Europe. The report deals with the extent of industrial impregnation and the number of impregnation plants in use today in Great Britain. Timbers which are treated for various end uses and their life expectancies are discussed. The market for wood preservatives, the size of the motorway fencing market in particular, and the extent of remedial treatments and 'do-it-yourself' operations are briefly indicated and an analysis of the types of wood preservative available on the United Kingdom market given. Information is also given regarding a scheme to safeguard users of preservatives and purchasers of treated wood. The organizations concerned with wood preservation and wood preservation research in the United Kingdom are noted, with the topics of research currently being undertaken described and all the relevant standards and specifications listed. The report concludes with a list of 40 important references.
R Cockcroft