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Risk of pulmonary damage as a result of an evaporation of ca. 50 ppb = 42 mg HF, evaporated from wood treated by difluorides
1987 - IRG/WP 3401
In this review of the literature the effects of fluorides and fluorine on man are described, especially the low level effects of inhaled HF on human beings. The term "fluoride" is used as a general term everywhere, where exact differentiation between ionic and moluecular forms or between gaseous and particulate forms is uncertain or unnecessary. The term covers all combined forms of the element, r...
H F M Nijman

Using an accelerated laboratory method to evaluate Aureobasidium pullulans colonization on painted surfaces and underlying wood substrate
2012 - IRG/WP 12-20480
Mold growth on painted surfaces can lead to premature paint film failure and is unsightly. Aureobasidium pullulans has been identified as a major cause of black stain on surfaces painted with acrylic or latex paints. In this study, an accelerated laboratory method developed by Zabel and Horner (1981) was used with modifications to the type of agar used and sample evaluation methods. A study was ...
C Schauwecker, L Burns, A Preston