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Localized induction of hemlock brownstain by Ophiostoma piceae
1995 - IRG/WP 95-10106
Hemlock brownstain, a coloration disfiguring western hemlock and amabilis fir, causes economic loss in the high-value Canadian export lumber market. Recent work by the author has suggested that wood-sapstaining fungi can induce the formation of brownstain. Ophiostoma piceae, the most frequent staining fungus on western hemlock lumber in B.C., was chosen as a model to investigate fungal participati...
B Kreber

Investigation on a Wood Decay Biomarker
2006 - IRG/WP 06-20336
HPLC evolution of beech wood extractives was investigated with or without exposure to Coriolus versicolor during one month. The nature and the quantity of extracts depends on the extraction conditions, but were also strongly influenced by the wood drying temperature and time leading to an important modification for higher drying temperature. After two weeks of exposure to Coriolus versicolor, resu...
S Mounguengui, S Dumarçay, P Gérardin