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Efficacy of a novel copper-based organic solvent preservative in laboratory and fungus cellar tests
1995 - IRG/WP 95-30071
The efficacy of Chemicca 4, a novel copper-based organic solvent preservative, was compared with that of other LOSP in pure culture laboratory decay tests and with that of CCA and TBTO in a fungus cellar exposure. It was markedly superior to copper and zinc naphthenates at equivalent metal retentions in laboratory decay tests, and similar in activity to TBTO. After 60 months' fungus cellar exposure, Chemicca 4 at a retention of 0.03% mass/mass copper showed similar effectiveness to CCA at a retention of 0.31% mass/mass total active elements and was superior to TBTO at a retention of 0.09% mass/mass Sn. At 80 months' exposure Chemicca 4 at 0.16% mass/mass Cu was superior to CCA at 0.55% mass/mass total active elements. Extensive world-wide field testing of Chemicca 4 in above ground and ground contact environments both as an LOSP (above ground and ground contact) and in P9 oil (ground contact) is currently being undertaken.
M E Hedley, P N Maynard