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CIOL®-protection of wood – an update
2022 - IRG/WP 22-40932
Most commercial wood species from the northern European region are of low natural durability. Products from these wood species for outside applications need therefore protection to increase their service life. This protection should be free of biocides, come from renewable resource, have great performance and hold a low consumer price. A mixture of water, sorbitol and citric acid has the potential...
A Treu, E Larnøy, J Biørnstad

Investigating the fire properties of a composite material made of MDF-residues, citric acid and sorbitol
2023 - IRG/WP 23-40969
In times of climate change and a shortage of energy and raw materials, it has become apparent, that material reuse of wood in a cascade system can reduce the ecological impact of a material and be cost effective. A new composite material has been developed made from citric acid, sorbitol, water and waste MDF. Not only will there be a material reuse option for waste MDF but due to the small particl...
P T Lewandowski, W Perdoch, E Larnoy, H Militz

CIOL Wood - towards industrial scale production
2023 - IRG/WP 23-40980
CIOL® is a new, low cost, non-toxic wood modification system, needed to replace traditional and non-sustainable alternatives with great potential. It’s important to find sustainable, environmentally friendly replacements to heavy metals and biocides. In the new European Bauhaus, Ursula Von der Leyen, president of the European commission, talks about how new living environment should be beautifu...
E Larnøy, J Biørnstad