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In search of excellence - A necessary challenge
1990 - IRG/WP 3567
Consumerism and environmentalism are gaining much influence. At national and E.C.-level the policy conducted is based on prevention of pollution through "sound" wood preservatives. Supposing that "environmental friendly" products do not exist it is understood that "sound" products have least effect on the environment during their whole life cycle. In the past only the effectiveness was paramount, now safety and environmental aspects deserve a similar priority. The wood preservation industry has a large responsibility of its own. The suggested way is that of an integrated and controlled wood preservation. It is a necessary challenge for the industry to develop safety and environmental standards by itself to realize the previously mentioned voluntarily. Incentives should be given by the authorities to manufacturers in view of encouraging them in search of environmentally "sound" products. A careful approach is in time favourable for the whole wood sector.
G Rustenburg