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Di-sodium fluorophosphate, a new fluorine containing, water-borne wood preservative
1986 - IRG/WP 3373
The physical, chemical properties of Di-sodiumfluorophosphate (Na2PO3F) are compared with those of a trade-mark SF-salt. The opposition of biological activity and toxicological data showed that Di-sodiumfluorophosphate may be a suitable alternative to SF-salts ( based on MgSiF6)....
D Seepe, W Metzner

Comparisons of differences in electrical conductivity and corrosivity between CCA-oxide and CCA-salt treated wood
1981 - IRG/WP 3178
CCA preservatives have served well in many applications throughout the world. In developed areas it is the preservative in demand for clean dry paintable surfaces with long durability. In developing areas it is widely used for economic and logistical reasons. With the current emphasis on energy resources, the CCA preservatives are gaining greater acceptance as a substitute for hydrocarbon-related ...
J A Taylor

Evaluation of the corrosivity of the treated wood - Laboratory vs field test methodologies
2000 - IRG/WP 00-20211
The corrosivity of treated wood to fasteners has been evaluated using laboratory test procedures, including AWPA Standard E12-94. The standard method was modified in order to allow detailed study of commercial metal fasteners in terms of sample types, installation configuration and exposure conditions. Parallel field tests were also performed. The experimental results generated from these tests su...
L Jin, A F Preston

CCFZ, a new type of water-borne wood preservative for vacuum pressure impregnation
1991 - IRG/WP 3643
By combination of CCF-Salt types with zinchexafluorosilicate a remarkable improvement of efficacy is achieved. In the same time the ecotoxicoligical data become more save. As well as the efficacy against wood-destroying organisms (Basidiomycetes, Soft rot and Long horn beetle) the basic data to evaluate the ecotoxicological behaviour of a CCFZ-Salt are described and compared with the properties of...
W Metzner, D Seepe, H-W Wegen

Outdoor performance of Tanalith® K treated timber: Dimensional stability and corrosivity towards metal fasteners
2023 - IRG/WP 23-30798
This study was carried out to investigate dimensional stability and corrosivity towards metal fasteners in radiata pine (Pinus radiata D. Don) treated with Tanalith® K to Hazard class 4 (H4) retentions in comparison with chromated copper arsenic (CCA) treated timber. For corrosion test, untreated and treated matched specimens were prepared from Australian-grown radiata pine, tested with mild stee...
G Rassam, J Hague, D Humphrey