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The association of bacteria with the increased permeability of water-stored spruce wood
1973 - IRG/WP 325
A microbiological investigation was undertaken to check our earlier work on patterns of bacterial counts and pH changes in water-stored wood. A survey of industrial activity was conducted upstream from the storage site with a view to explaining the existing bacterial flora. Further experiments were carried out with spruce bolts in enclosed tanks, using lake water with its natural bacterial flora and nutrients. The temperature was controlled and the water was circulated to ensure adequate oxygenation. Permeability and structural changes in the wood were examined at regular intervals. Isolates were made from the lake water and from the water-stored logs. The isolates made from the wood were examined for enzymatic activity and the growth patterns and the effect of temperature and pH on growth were studied. Some of these isolates were used in tank and sprinkler experiments. Bacterial counts, enzyme assays and permeability measurements were used to monitor the progress of these experiments.
J A Dunleavy, J P Moroney, S E Rossell