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Wood Protection in Croatia – Situation from the Acquisition of Independence till Today
2010 - IRG/WP 10-40501
In the last eighteen years in Croatian wood-working industry, respectively wood protection industry, many good changes happened. In such a short period of time Croatian industry changed their “product philosophy”. After the fatherland war and acquisition of independence the most logs and sawn wood products have been exported from Croatia. With such “kind of philosophy” Croatian wood-workin...
R Despot, M Hasan

Enzyme systems of bacterial isolates from ponded logs - Potentials of pectin and/or starch degradation
2000 - IRG/WP 00-10378
This paper deals with the degradation potentials of wood constituents by the bacterial isolates from ponded logs. The potentials to degrade pectin as a constituent of pit-tori as well as starch existing in ray parenchyma cells in the areas of sap- and transition wood with the isolates were examined. The pectinase activity was investigated by means of the degradation degree of a carrot strip used a...
S Doi, S Ohta

Reconstruction and Restoration of some Zagreb’s Wooden Heritage buildings
2010 - IRG/WP 10-40498
In the last ten years, the huge amount of wooden buildings houses and objects of Zagreb’s cultural heritage were restored with fine workmanship. As the wood was one of the most used construction materials, the scientists and specialists from the Faculty of Forestry also took part in those restoration and reconstruction processes. The aim of this article is to inform and advice the restorers on t...
R Despot, M Hasan

The overview of ISPM 15 implementation in Croatian wood-working companies
2011 - IRG/WP 11-30576
Croatia is a small European county, but in the same time a great country according to it’s tradition in the forestry and wood working industry. However, around 48% of it’s territory is afforested. As the export is one of the main directions in the Croatian development conception, the production and distribution of wood package intended for the international trade, is one of the most important ...
R Despot, V Jambrekovic, M Hasan

The Significance of Natural Durability of Croatian Mediterranean Wood Species for their Traditional and Present Protection Methods and Use
2012 - IRG/WP 12-10770
The aim of this article is to contribute to the better cognition of the protection and use of some most important Croatian autochthonous Mediterranean wood species. Their traditional use and protection are observed by two aspects. The first one is the presence of these species in the Croatian Mediterranean regions for many centuries, and the long tradition of their use, regardless of their natural...
R Despot, M Hasan