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A test method to simulate above-ground exposure
1978 - IRG/WP 2112
The simulated above-ground exposure technique described is worthy of consideration as a simple procedure to determine the relative decay resistance of preservative-treated wood exposed to a moderate decay hazard. The method may readily be modified to allow testing of other materials such as plywood by simply enlarging the slots cut in the modified feeder strips. The method by no means completely s...
J A Butcher

Changes in transverse wood permeability during the drying of rimu and radiata pine
1990 - IRG/WP 3636
When softwoods are dried and subsequently impregnated with waterborne preservatives two problems frequently occur, preservative screening of multi-salt preservatives and difficult re-drying. To study the causes, the permeability of rimu and radiata pine wood has been measured along the three principal directions. The radial and tangential permeabilities of the green sapwood of the two species were...
R E Booker