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Proposal for further work on fixation of CCA-preservatives in wood
1988 - IRG/WP 3493
Many studies on the fixation and fixation-mechanism of CCA-preservatives in lignocellulose materials have been published but few on the practical consequences of this knowledge. For the wood preserving industry and the user of treated wood it is important to know what is meant by the word fixation, when fixation is complete and how fixation can be recorded in an easy way according to a non-destructive method. The health and safety aspects on impregnation and the use of treated wood have been stressed both in Sweden and elsewhere and the fixation of copper, chromium and arsenic is still being discussed both regarding the handling of freshly treated wood and its subsequent use, for example in play-ground equipment. To consider these questions for the future it is important to find a: - definition on fixation; - instrument to determine fixation in wood, preferably independently of moisture content; - recommendation for handling timber to reach fixation after impregnation. Recommendations must cover different realistic possibilities, as 5°C outdoors, room space temperature, ordinary kiln, heat steam etc. It would be very useful to have these questions discussed and some co-operative work established to be able to give advice on the practical, safe handling of treated wood.
M-L Edlund

Field tests out of ground contact in France: Definition of the test procedure and preliminary results after 18 months
1981 - IRG/WP 2161
M Fougerousse