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Initial microbial colonisation of CCA-treated, creosote-treated and untreated Pinus sylvestris L. blocks in seawater
1996 - IRG/WP 96-10171
CCA-treated, creosote-treated and untreated Pinus sylvestris sample blocks were immersed in a seawater through-flow system for periods of between 1 and 265 hours. Samples were fixed immediately on removal and examined both qualitatively and quantitatively using the scanning electron microscope. This study of primary microbial colonisation showed differences between treatments in the diversity of microbial colonisers. Untreated controls demonstrated the highest microbial diversity, while creosote-treated samples showed the lowest microbial diversity. Several species of diatom, flagellates, individual bacteria and colonies of bacteria were observed on the substrate surface. CCA-treatment delayed settlement of bacteria associated glycocalyx and detritus while creosote inhibited the settlement of diatoms and flagellates. The rate of colonisation was also dependant on treatment type.
K Sturgess, A J Pitman