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Destruction of wood and mangrove vegetation by marine borers in Goutami-Godavari estuary, east coast of India
1993 - IRG/WP 93-10021
This paper deals with the nature and extent of destruction caused by marine boring organisms to wood and mangrove vegetation in the Goutami-Godavari estuary along the east coast of India. Fifteen species, comprising of 11 teredinids, 1 pholad and 3 sphaeromatids were recorded from the area. For the first time, seasonality of recruitment, abundance and growth were studied for important species occurring at 2 Stations in port Kakinada, a fast developing intermediate port located in the estuarine system. Bankia carinata (Gray) and Bankia campanellata, Moll and Roch are dominant species at Station I, where low and fluctuating salinity conditions prevail. At Station II, where more stable conditions exist, Teredo furcifera Von Martens, Lyrodus pedicellatus (Quatrefages) and Martesia striata (Linne) are important. In the mangrove area (of approx. 30,000 ha), damage is mainly caused by Dicyathifer manni (Wright), Nototeredo edax (Hedley), Lyrodus pedicellatus; Bankia campanellata and Sphaeroma annandalei Stebbing. Factors, especially salinity, which play a significant role affecting abundance and distribution of these organisms are discussed.
K S Rao, L N Santhakumaran, M Balaji, V V Srinivasan