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Service Life Prediction of Wood Claddings by in-situ Measurement of Wood Moisture Content: Status after 5 years of Outdoor Exposure
2009 - IRG/WP 09-20401
The Danish Technological Institute is in co-operation with industry partners running a project aiming at predicting the service life of different wood protecting systems. The project focuses on examining the moisture reducing effect of different protecting systems for timber claddings and the ability of these to maintain the appearance of the surfaces, when the wood is used in service class 3 (EN ...
E Tang Engelund, B Lindegaard, N Morsing

Acquisition of sorption isotherms for modified woods by the use of dynamic vapour sorption instrumentation: Principles and Practice
2010 - IRG/WP 10-40518
The complex wood-water relationship has been the topic of numerous studies. Sorption isotherms – in particular – have been derived for hundreds of wood species, their sap- and heartwood sections as well as for decayed, engineered and modified wood materials. However, the traditional methods for obtaining sorption isotherms are very time consuming. With new dynamic vapour sorption (DVS) instrum...
E T Engelund, M Klamer, T Mark Venås

Adsorption boundary curve influenced by step interval of relative humidity investigated by Dynamic Vapour Sorption equipment
2011 - IRG/WP 11-40547
The adsorption of water vapour from dry conditions by Norway spruce sapwood has been investigated using Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) instrumentation. This equipment allows a fast and easy data acquisition as well as enables detailed studies of sorption properties using very small sample masses. In this study, particular focus was paid to the effect of step size on the sorption isotherms. Furtherm...
E Tang Engelund, M Klamer, T Mark Venås

Long term durability of the heartwood of seven common softwood species in above ground conditions
2012 - IRG/WP 12-10771
The natural durability for wood in above ground use has been evaluated based on results after 11 years of exposure in a test site situated at the Danish Technological Institute in Taastrup, Denmark. Selected results for seven common softwood species exposed horizontally are reported. The test results cover samples with direct rain exposure (use class 3 of the European standard EN335-1:2006) and sa...
E Tang Engelund, M Klamer, T Mark Venås, B Lindegaard

New Standards for Approval of Modified Wood within the Nordic Wood Preservation Council (NWPC)
2017 - IRG/WP 17-20624
In the Nordic countries, there is a long tradition for quality labelling of preservative treated wood. Until now the labelling has been restricted to pine and other easy to treat wood species, but with the introduction of a new set of standards it is now possible to obtain the Nordic Wood Preservation Council’s (NWPC) quality labelling also for modified wood. In this paper, we will introduce th...
N Morsing, E Engelund Thybring, M Klamer

Studying amount, location and state of water in modified wood at moisture levels relevant for fungal degradation
2020 - IRG/WP 20-40889
Water is an essential parameter for fungal degradation of wood, but degradation primarily occurs at high moisture levels at water potential in the range of -4 to -0.1 MPa, which corresponds to 97-99.9% relative humidity. At these moisture levels, water is present in the wood structure both in and outside of cell walls. The majority of previous studies on the interaction between wood and water for ...
M Fredriksson, E Engelund Thybring, Ramunas Digaitis