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Environmental evaluation of products by life cycle analysis [La problématique de lévaluation environnementale des produits à partir de l'analyse de leur cycle de vie et de leur "écobilan"]
1993 - IRG/WP 93-50002
In the last years a significant evolution in terms of industrial environment emerged. It has been realized that regulations on specific pollutants, controls on industrial sites, although indispensable actions, had to be completed with extended approaches based on the assessment of products and integrated substance chain management. To take into account such an approach, methodological researches have been paeformed in different countries on Life Cycle Analysis. Such an approach has also been undertaken in France where it is named "Ecobilan". The problem is not easy to solve as it meets theoritical as well as practical difficulties. The application of these methodologies stays at the experimental level and great care has to be taken when interpreting the results. The author suggests a realistic use of Life Cycle Analysis and proposes future research orientations.
G C Landrieu