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Dip diffusion treatments in the tropics. A preliminary report
1973 - IRG/WP 316
Diffusion treatments based on the use of boric acid alone or in combination with other preservatives are widely used in Australasia (see IRG/WP/310). As part of a general survey covering both temperate and tropical countries, a survey of diffusion treatments in South East Asia, Southern Asia and the South Pacific was carried out, and the results of this survey are reported here. The survey is far from complete as fewer than 30% of the laboratories contacted had replied to a questionnaire sent to them at the time of writing. However, the answers received clearly indicate that, apart from those countries receiving direct technical assistance from Australia and/or New Zealand, diffusion treatments are not being used for the preservative treatment of timber. However, most laboratories contacted expressed interest in diffusion and were either currently testing or planned to test dip diffusion methods.
C R Levy