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Effects of pretreatments for the amelioration of preservative impregnability using the Oscillating pressure method (OPM)
1995 - IRG/WP 95-40044
For the purpose of an amelioration of preservative impregnability, three types of pretreatment: the steaming, the explosion and the boiling, were tested. The specimens were prepared by the domestic four species: Itajii, Ryukyumatsu, Sugi and Hinoki, and 1 refractry imported species: Douglas-fir. The dimension of specimens was 20 x 20 x 300 mm³ and were treated with CCA in a laboratory OPM machine...
K Suzuki, I Asaoka, S Tani, K Okada, T Hidaka

CCA removal from treated wood by chemical, mechanical and microbial processing
1998 - IRG/WP 98-50101-26
Most preservative-treated wood produced and consumed in the U.S. is treated with toxic inorganic compounds containing copper, chromium, and arsenic. Because chromated copper arsenate (CCA) is fixed to the wood, treated wood has not been considered toxic or hazardous and is currently landfilled. Increasing public concern about environmental contamination from treated wood combined with increasing q...
C A Clausen, R L Smith

Underwater shock treatment for improvement of penetration of wood
2006 - IRG/WP 06-40325
Many of conifers including Beimatsu (Pseudotsuga menziesii Franco; Dougras fir, Oregon pine), Akamatsu (Pinus densiflora Sieb. et Zucc.; Japanese red pine), Dafurica Karamatsu (Larix gmelinii Gordon; Dahurica larch) and Karamatsu (Larix leptolepis GORDON; Japanese larch) generally contains the high moisture content. Although subjected to the drying process, it is difficult to be dried up completel...
S Itoh, H Maehara, K Tanaka, T Echigo, K Morioka, E Shirai, K Nishimoto