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Protective nanoparticle coating reducing water absorption of wood species
2012 - IRG/WP 12-40614
Nanoparticle coatings were deposited onto different tropical wood samples for controlling the surface hydrophobicity. The styrene(maleimide) nanoparticles were synthesized in aqueous dispersions under pure conditions or in combination with 70 wt.-% palm oil. A first evaluation of the non-coated wood surfaces indicates a high dependence between the water contact angles, the average surface roughnes...
P Samyn, A Paredes, G Becker, H Van den Abbeele, L Vonck, D Stanssens

Yellow birch fire-protection using polyelectrolytes complexes
2020 - IRG/WP 20-30755
Fire protection has been a major challenge in wood construction for many years. The demand for high-performance, environmentally friendly treatments respecting the physical and chemical characteristics of the material has been accentuated in recent years. Halogenated fire-retardant (FR) compounds were commonly used from the 70’s for their low-cost and high efficiency. They are able to form radic...
M Soula, F Samyn, S Duquesne, V Landry

Impact of wetting agents on polyelectrolyte complex impregnation for wood fire-retardancy
2022 - IRG/WP 22-30768
Wood fire performance is a great concern in interior finishing due to the high risk of flame spread. To increase the use of wood in high building while ensuring the safety of building occupants, fire retardant (FR) treatments are required. Traditionally, two fireproofing strategies are employed: impregnation and coatings. They have been widely studied but they, respectively, are time and chemicals...
M Soula, J B Grenier, S Duquesne, F Samyn, V Landry