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Influence of storage on mould susceptibility of wood at relative humidity values lower than 100%
1989 - IRG/WP 1413
It is well known that wood material changes with time because of different environmental influences. The effects of such changes on the subsequent mould susceptibility are less known. In this paper we report on increased mould susceptibility of pine wood after storage. Mould growth was detected by indirect methods....
J Bjurman

Effect of humidity fluctuations on mould growth on pine wood
1989 - IRG/WP 1412
Most studies on mould development on wood material have been made at constant moisture conditions during the experimental period. As a consequence of such studies, a maximum permittable humidity level to avoid mould problems in wood constructions has been recommended. In the practical situation, the constructions are seldom subject to constant humidity or temperature. In the present paper, we repo...
J Bjurman

New experiences with Dry Rot in Danish buildings, heat treatment and viability tests
1989 - IRG/WP 1423
An increasing number of concealed dry rot attacks, especially in older multi-storey houses under renovation, have been detected during the last few years. A necessary consequence is a demand for cheaper methods of repair, compared to the standard method used in Denmark for many years otherwise severely attacked houses will by pulled down. A heat-treatment has been developed and tested in practice....
A P Koch, C Kjerulf-Jensen, B Madsen

Mould growth and permeability in relation to wet-storage
1989 - IRG/WP 1414
The positive influences of wet-storage of roundwood to avoid attack by blue stain fungi and insects and to avoid cracking of wood during storage are well documented. Comparatively little information is, however, available on the effects on microbial susceptibility of the material after the storage period. The permeability of the wet-stored and the non-wet-stored material was determined. Wood block...
J Bjurman, E L Holappa