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Wood preservation in Spain
1983 - IRG/WP 3266
This report includes some statistical data on the potential of Spanish forests and the country's timber consumption as well as detailing the extent of development of the wood products industries, and will help to give a better understanding of the use of this raw material in Spain. The main biological deteriorating organisms which damage wood are given and the capacity of the industrial treatments for preventing their damage is described, including an inventory of the vacuum/pressure and double/vacuum plants, together with the consumption of the different types of preservative used. Also the extent of wood treatment undertaken by the various industries has been analysed together with the conditions which characterize these. The homologation system that permits the manufacture of wood preservatives, their import, trade and marketing is also explained and, finally, a current list of existing standards and specifications that are used in Spain is appended. From studying this paper it can be concluded that wood preservation in Spain is characterized by: 1) under-utilization of the industrial treatment capacity available; 2) a low level of treatment, except for poles and sleepers, and consequently there is a scanty consumption of preservatives; 3) a lack of standardization; and 4) there is, in many instances, a lack of adequate laws and regulations. But looking forward, the future can be viewed with optimism and with good expectations in the coming years for an increasing development of the wood preservation industry which could result in a potential saving of timber of about 10% of the apparent yearly consumption.
A Lopez de Roma, R Cockcroft

Wood preservation in Turkey
1982 - IRG/WP 3216
The report reviews the forestry potential of Turkey and also the historical background of wood preservation in the country. The wood preservation industry in Turkey is mainly concentrated on the treatment of poles and railway sleepers. There is no official body responsible for wood preservation activities, and therefore its promotion depends mainly on the voluntary research efforts carried out by the universities and the Forest Research Institute. Present standards are inadequate to meet contemporary standards of wood protection used in other countries. These should be completely revised and updated. Its forest products potential and geographical location combine to give Turkey a great advantage for exportation of its timber to the Middle East countries. But first of all Turkey has to solve its own problems of promoting a productive industry and efficient wood preservation.
R Ilhan, R Cockcroft

Preservación de maderas en Bolivia
1986 - IRG/WP 3360
Este documento ofrece datos generales concerníentes a los recursos forestales de Bolivia, las facilidades existentes para preservación de maderas, la investigación y educación en esa materia. Se proporciona información sobre instituciones vinculadas a la actividad y las perspectivas del tratamiento de maderas en el país.
A S Viscarra