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Letter to the IRG meeting at Peebles, 1978
1978 - IRG/WP 181
J F Levy, R Cockcroft

Reworded resolution
1976 - IRG/WP 145
New evidence has demonstrated that certain timber species are unexpectedly difficult to protect against biological degradation by the use of known preservation systems. Several of these timber species are expected to become of wide commercial use in the future. The issues raised are of such fundamental importance and require so intensive basic research that official bodies should be encouraged to ...
B Henningsson

A comment on problem orientated research for the preservation industry
1984 - IRG/WP 3303
Wood preservation is a technological discipline, based upon a number of fundamental sciences, including biology and chemistry. The International Research Group on Wood Preservation (IRG) is presently structured to support the preservation industry, since IRG working groups attempt to strike a balance between fundamental aspects and technological needs. Over the years there has been an increasing r...
H Greaves