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A non-destructive testing technique for wood poles
1987 - IRG/WP 2293
A method has been developed to evaluate the stiffness and condition of a wood pole based on structural dynamics. This paper describes the results of tests performed on nearly 200 wood utility poles across Western Canada. A high correlation exists between the dynamic non-destructive test and direct mechanical tests. The need for an accurate non-destructive testing technique is demonstrated by the f...
W M Murphy, D E Franklin, R A Palylyk

Building with wood in the Arctic
2018 - IRG/WP 18-50335
During the last five years there has been a significant increase in interest in Canada in the Arctic, with research on the Franklin exploration of the mid19th century searching for the North West Passage, which coupled with the impact of Global warming on the loss of sea ice has rendered the North West Passage now navigable during the summer months. Building with wood in the Arctic has proved extr...
J N R Ruddick

Development of a Standard for Preservative Treated Wood to be used in the Arctic
2019 - IRG/WP 19-20677
There is ongoing interest in the Arctic with political, environmental and recreational developments almost daily. The impact of global warming on loss of permafrost and sea ice is widely reported. In the last three years several cruise ships have traversed the North West Passage. This increased activity has resulted in the recognition of the need for an increased infrastructure. Historically, the ...
J N R Ruddick